Exciting rugby - excel!

Steps in exciting rugby. Know the game, positions and how you play. Develop great skills so you are effective, confident and unpredictable. Create havoc.

Great steps so you excel

I`d love to help you understand and play the game, go as far and as high as you want. I`ve got some good steps so you...

  • know the basic rules - you are useful and confident
  • find a suitable position - you are useful and effective
  • know how to play - you are useful and happy
  • have ALL the individual skills - you are outstanding

A rugby player in action Rugby action

If you`d like to know a bit more before you do what I say, here's all about me.

Be an evasion expert - with sidesteps!

Some gather experience over the years, you soak it up here and NOW!

Know rugby inside out

Get into it. Look at whatever you find interesting. Roam the site.

The sitemap is good for finding topics you may find useful.

A good place to start is the basic rules.

You`ll know a lot about rugby in a short time.

Aim to improve your knowledge. Download a copy of the "Laws of the game " and look at it from time to time.

Take your time, you understand more when you feel interested.

The more you know about the rules the more you will be confident on the field.

Find where you fit in, play with skill

You will often have to play out of position, even if only briefly.

Find the position(s) most suitable for your likes and dislikes, physique and temperament.

Be prepared to play in different positions in the team.

That`s the way you improve and you end up with all the skills.

Remember you change over time, physically and in other ways so be flxible when you're working out where you fit in and how you play.

Set goals. See, hear, feel what you want to happen. Write it down.

Be flexible, adjust your goals if necessary. Almost anything is possible

Master these skills...

  • handling - you easily pick up and keep hold of the ball
  • passing - you pass the ball well, even in unusual situations

  • catching - you catch the ball well, even in difficult conditions
  • kicking - you kick well to support or to get out of tricky situations

Be inspired

I was 19 and had played rugby for 7 years.

As I was a gymnast I could dodge about a bit but was totally unaware how deceptive footwork could be so devastating.

Like me, be inspired by David Watkins who, after a distinguished career in Union, played Rugby League for Salford and Great Britain.

I saw him use his body to create some magical deception.

I experimented, practiced, played a lot and ended up being able to do some clever things myself.

You too can learn. Anytime, even if you`re new to the game. You can take it all in at the same time. It`s just another skill!

Practice one thing. When you`ve done enough or had enough, go on to the next thing and practice that.

Start as soon as possible.

The younger you learn, the longer you`ll love it!.

The ability to evade opponents is one of the basics.

Few see it this way - so you already have an advantage!

Excel in rugby, master all the steps!

I still run through the streets doing mine. I wait till it`s dark though. I don`t want locking up now do I!

Like it? Questions? Comment below!!